Perfect gift idea (yes, it’s my book…)

How many shopping days left? Who knows. I reckon you’d be better off doing anything other than queueing to get to the mall car park this weekend.

So, here’s a suggestOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAion (and, yes, a shameless product plug). How about discovering the wonders of the great outdoors instead? And when you get back go online and buy your nearest and dearest a copy of Wilder Wales.

I reckon it’s the perfect guide to the best of Wales throughout the year, but then I would say that wouldn’t I? But then Chris Packham says it’s ‘a superb calendar catalogue of the best places to visit’, and Iolo Williams’ review told readers to ‘find a place on your bookshelf for this title if you are exploring Wales – or a connoisseur of beautiful books’.

Its 190 pages are packed with info and truly-inspiring images by award-winning photographer Drew Buckley. Special Christmas price £17.59 (inc. P&P) here.